Thursday, 10 January 2008

Bipolar New Year

3 Great news for the new year:
1) Final Fantasy 13 will come with 3 episodes!! YAY!! :P
2) The HD-DVD and Blu-Ray war is almost over!! YAY!
3) I'm heading to Japan in 2008!!

One word to describe my new year - 'bipolar'

It's only been a week into 2008 and I've already had more ups and downs than the stock market on steroids.

First off was New Year's Eve.

New year's eve was fun.

We had Japanese at Halu followed by some big nuts for dessert. Then we got our groove on at Ruby room. It was packed with mostly guys and old-ish people. They made the few eye candies look even better (or maybe that was the beer goggles). We overheard the funniest conversation when we were wandering around.
Girl: "Have you seen my earings?"
Guy: "No! have you seen my d***?! " Hahah. It's so gangsta its funny.

The not so funny ganstas

When we got home, I found out that my uncle had just passed away.

I didn't know if I was nauseated by the ice cream and vodka mixing in my stomach or by the fact that such a close family member had died.

I was sad and drunk and tired and confused all at the same time.

The next morning I woke to the worst chest pain EVER!

My stomach and heart felt like it was being crushed by a vise. At first I didn't want to wake up my girlfriend (coz real men can stand the pain!! Ahu! Ahu!) But then it struck me that I didn't even have the breath to call out to her. I was struggling to breathe and she was there snorring away.

I managed to wake her by pulling on her leg. She found me curled up on the floor.

She was really worried at first (i'd be freaked out too if I found my partner on the floor curled up in pain). Luckily the pain didn't last too much longer. Maybe she has healing hands? who knows?

Apparently I had gastritis.

After that incident I promised myself not to drink so much again....

Thats a promise lasted about fout nights until I went to Ben's bucks/stag night.

The evil tequila worm! I EAT YOU!

Another promise I broke that night was my no fast food diet new years resolution plan. It couldn't not be helped.

I didn't have a car to run away with and the only food served was KFC.
So two promises broken in one night. Not a good start for the year.

But speaking of promises, I was lucky enough to be a part of good friends' Tony and Kim's marriage proposal.

It was funny because the groom-to-be was shaking. He was so nervous. But he did well (because she said yes).

I think I was shaking for him as well.
Sympathy shakes I call it.
Red was the theme for the proposal, although the ring was put in a pink rose...

Its been an odd first week.
Maybe odd is a better word than bipolar.

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