Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Wonderous Ebay

You know what's the scariest thing about driving at night?
A GPS unit dropping from the windscreen and scaring the bejesus out of you.

There I was driving in some unknown suburb, the streets were pitch black. The soft glow of the GPS providing a false sense of security that I wont get lost. Then..


The GPS falls on the dash and rolls unto the floor.

I'll confess that my undies weren't completely dry after that.

The cold dry night meant the GPS suction thing didn't properly stick to the glass.
Now my GPS has been dropped so many times. I'm beginning to worry that my warranty will get void.

So I decided I was gonna MacGyver my way into making a car vent holder for my GPS.

I was going to steal the vent clips from a pair air-fresheners join it together with 2mm aluminium wires then moulded a clip using baking dough from the craft shop. I would test the moulding with the GPS then finalise the moulding by baking at 400C for half an hour. I'll finish the job with an ash-grey lacquer spray.

That was plan A. Plan B was ebay.

Should be here next week. :)

And I definitely sympathise for those who are addicted to ebay. Bargains galore and the excitement of waiting for something in the post (actually, 90% of the fun is waiting for the stuff to arrive in the mail).

One of my recent of purchases was a pair of William Rast jeans.

To those initiated, William Rast is the designer label of Mr SexyBackWhatGoesAroundComesAroundLovestoned.

His Perth concert is just around the corner so I was thinking of the ways to get into his pants.
(That doesn't sound right).

But anyways. Now all I need is a "Justin! I'll have your babies!" shirt.

Maybe there's one in ebay.

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