Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Big Two

Were sitting around the table playing Big 2.
Three guys and the new girlfriend.
The girlfriend is quite at home with us three. She smiles and jokes and fills up our honey coated peanut tray when needed.
And she's really good! She's won the last three games. Which is freaky considering she's only learnt how to play four months ago.
Then one of the guys gives out a loud belch.
It was a good burp.
It had a deep bass which reverberated quite nicely from the oesophagus and oral cavity. His mouth focused it well with a good play of both lips and tongue. The duration was not too short but not too long. And the finish was mildly 'wet' but was kept to a minimal.
I gave it a 7/10.
And it was of course, quite gross.
I think the worse part was the digested chilly pepper squid and apple cider after-smell that followed.
(Being impressed by the burp doesn't mean I approve of the habit.. or after smell)
The girlfriend looked at him and screamed
'eww!! that's gross!!', then hitting his arm.
He chucked.
'say excuse me!'

'no! why do I need to say excuse me when you've said it for me' he sniggered.

'because that was rude and gross'

'I don't need to say excuse me...'he murmured
They stared at each other.

The mini discourse ended there.
He finished it off with a I can do anything I want - don't tell me what to do biiaaatchh' face .
And she with a "I'm so embarrassed to be associated with this pig' you look on her face.'
I cleared my throat and looked at my last two cards.
Three of spades and a jack of diamonds.

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