Monday, 8 October 2007

Right the First Time

I just saw the movie “I Think I Love My Wife”.

It’s an okay movie. 6.5/10 me thinks.
It’s about married life and the temptations of the ‘other woman’. The movie breaks no new grounds here. And it’s a pretty slow film.

One of the guys I was watching it with me fell asleep. But I heard he sleeps in all the movies.

But there’s a section there that I liked.

Chris Rock explains that the whole living life like there’s no tomorrow was all bullsh!t. The fact is, the vast majority of us live pretty long lives. And we have to live our lives based on those decisions.

That bit struck me because someone criticised me off thinking too much.

They said I wasn't confident with myself thats why I'm slow in making a decisions and doing stuff.

I thought that was a bit unfair.

I mean, its true that I think a lot. I think so much that I've lost a lot of hair (not pubic though.. that still grows wildly)

But to be told that I’m afraid of making mistakes was a bit misplaced.

Mistakes are important because you learn from it they say. But I'm just saying that you don’t have to learn everything from mistakes. Like I don’t have to rob a bank to know that it’s a bad idea.

I'd like to think that I care too much.
As oppose to not caring at all.


My brother and mom spent most of Saturday cleaning up the house and preparing dinner.

I first thought the Pope was visiting our house.

But our guest of honor was someone more important.
It was my brother’s girlfriend’s mom!

I teased brother that it was the dinner for the future mother-in-law.

My brother failed to find the humor in my joke. This is because its the first time he's invited his girlfriend's mom to dinner at our place.

And I could tell my brother really wanted to make a great first impression.

Every corner was vacuumed. The garden and front yard fixed up.

My mom took out our finest dishes and newest cutlery.

My brother even bought new glassware so we could serve fruit juice in cocktail glasses. Talk about extremes!

And I guess my brother just wanted to get things right.

Who could blame him. First impressions count big time.

Specially with the girlfriend's mom.

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