Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Reward System

It was only when I saw it used on her little sister did I become aware of her powers.

Kinda like Louise Lane discovering Clark Kent's powers.

Only that my girlfriend is not Superman, and me not Louise Lane.

What I saw was my girlfriend using a reward system on her little sister.

A reward system is a behavioral tool that can be used to brainwash train kids.

It can be of many forms but what my girlfriend made was a chart which listed all the things her little sister needed to do during the week. Every day of good behaviour gets a tick. Get the whole week done and she gets a reward.

The reward is probably a Bratz doll, because eight year old girls idolise skanky girls nowadays.

Of course behavioral tools are not new.
My sister uses stuff she's learned from the "Super nanny" to tame her toddler.

And it works.

My nephew cries at the thought of being banished to the naughty chair.
(Which is strange because adults would jump at the opportunity to be in the naughty chair).

Anyways, I digress.

What surprised me was my girlfriend was using psychological and behavioral control tools to condition her little sister.

And if this works on a 8 year old girl who beats me in Uno, then I'm finding myself increasingly vulnerable to my girlfriends super powers.

Me - very susceptible to mind control

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