Monday, 16 April 2007


Short Talk
By the time you get used to the flow of things, when everything starts to feel nice and feel right, it’s already time to say goodbye. April has been a blur.


Stuff yourself with the free sushi rolls and salmon hors d'oeuvres. That’s my advice to those graduating on what to do after the long long long long long long ceremony.

Somewhere here are tables of free food! Thats what years in university is all about!

I didn't get a chance to do that during my graduation. I was bogged with drapery and was cooking under my four layers of clothing.

My graduand buddies: Shaz, Al, Chewy

The reason for the heavy drapery was so that I would look smart for the mandatory graduation family photo. This photo my parents will show relatives and will hang in the walls of our house for generations to come. So I hadta look good.

Smile! Coz this photo will be on display FOREVER!!

And photos we took! It's as if we didn't take photos, all the hard work during the half a decade in university would disappear. Click Click Flash Flash. No wonder I got sore cheeks that day - too much fake smiling :P

But seriously, graduations are always kinda sad to me. It’s another stage in the growing up cycle.

Realising that you’re growing old and taking on bigger responsibilites is always kinda sad (and depressing).

We're all smiling at the free food

In all graduations I've been to was speeches about opportunities and how we should all embrace the future and the world is our oyster and that we are all going to be leaders and so on. All this does is paint a picture of what we could all be, but not tell us where we should be in this crossroads called life.

Always watch your step

I know it should be merry moment, a celebration of academic achievement and hard work and end to tuition fees, blah blah blah. But everyone knows it’s also an end. The end of an era of common hang-out places, routine work and friendly faces.

This was our lab. We did a lot of anime study here. We also cooked Mee-goreng

Graduations are actually kinda like weddings. It’s a happy time, but it’s sad because something is changing. And everyone feels like everything, all the happy memories and jokes and good times, will come to an end after that moment.

But then you wake up the next day and realise that the earth still revolves around the sun, people still love (or hate) you, your buddies are still there and that not that much has changed at all.

Except that you’re sick from eating too many sushi rolls and salmon hors d'oeuvres.

Congratulations to Anh, Ian, Lea and those who graduated recently. Well done.

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