Friday, 20 April 2007

Girlfriend Cheats, Tip and Tricks v0.2a

I'm collecting tips and tricks so I can submit this to GameFaqs. If you guys have additional tips and tricks let me know.

Save yourself from the wrath of any girl by making a schedule of their monthly menstrual cycle. Pamper them on their 'special days' and your immunity is secured.

Alternate Ending
If you want to die in an unusual way, give your girlfriend a squeaky toy and a tub of jello and tell her that you've been seeing her best friend.

Unlimited credit
Retail therapy is a natural occurence for girls. It cannot be separated or removed. Asking them to give up shopping is like asking them to cut their arms off. But to stop the unsavoury flavour of credit card debts use the line "Sweety, I think you look HOT in that dress and I'd really want to buy it for you.... But I'm saving for our future together...'
You earn double brownie points for thinking about the future.

Super Boyfriend Difficulty Setting
Tired of the same monsters and bosses? Try a
harder difficulty level by unlocking the Super Boyfriend Challenge Mode. Simply bring a packet of condoms next time you visit her parents and drop it accidentally near her father or mother.

Brownie Point Trick
Things that you're expected to do as a boyfriend doesn't earn you brownie points. Example, picking her up or having lunch with her. But you can earn brownie points by making an excuse for not being able to do such tasks. For example - I can't pick you up coz i still have work. Then, at the last minute, negate your excuse with 'Hi, I couldn't pick you up before, but I'll work over time tomorrow so I can pick you up'. This earns you brownie points on a brownie pointless event.

Double Brownie Point Gift Trick
This is similar to the Brownie point trick. Disappoint then please. When giving a present first give her a crappy gift. She'll have to smile and thank you because its a gift from you, but deep inside she's very very disappointed. Then, give her the real present. She'll be so surprised that she's not getting the crappy present, that you'll automatically get double brownie points for whatever your gift is.

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