Sunday, 1 April 2007

Extreme Ends

Short Talk:
Father Joseph reminded the church of how people can go from one extreme to another in a short period of time. On palm sunday, Jesus was greeted with cheers and smiles and joy. And it would be the same group of people who would shout for his life the next week.

Hate and love. Fear and acceptance.
Such is being human. We go from one extreme to another.

What a strange weekend
Things went from one extreme to another.

Buffet to Entree

First was an all you can eat $10 buffet for Friday lunch. The food was okay but the $10 price tag was just ridiculous value!

$10 would usually buy a plate in a food court. At the place my friends took me, $10 lets you pig out on roast, lasagna, chicken, noodles, curry, sushi, salad - practically anything. There was a healthy food section but I had my eye on greasy food only :)

And while service was almost none-existent, it was a treat to stuff my gut without costing me a fortune.

On the other hand..
Friday evening took me to the other extreme of culinary experiences.

I joined my family for my brother's celebratory graduation dinner. We went to the C restaurant! The C Restaurant is a revolving restaurant on the top floor of some building that I forgot the name of (AAPT?)

A date with the family

Maaan - so nice! Classy with a grand piano and jazz singer. Everyone was dressed so nicely. And the view? Well - I don't think you can get a better view of Perth. Nothing beats a 360 degree view of the city. And the candlelit atmosphere matched the city lights. Simply superb.

I think I did get a bit nauseated at one time, but I blame it on my lunch haunting me. After a while you forget that you're being spun around and enjoy the great company and service of the place.

And even though a touch pricey, I don't think you can get this kind of experience anywhere else (the swivel chair in mcdonalds is just not the same experience).

Geeky to Giggly
Held on to my geeky briefs Saturday morning when my brother and I visited Perth's inaugural video game expo - GO3 2007. Surely when the line is this long - its gotta be good right? Right?

This exhibit is made of traffic cones and tape. Nice.

Sooo wrong. The place was rattling inside. It had no carpet (except the LAN thing that you had to pay for to enter) and the place almost empty. The expo had various electronics stores advertising their merchandise, but really, not much else.
I was impressed how realistic the graphics was.. You could almost touch it.

I was expecting big contributions from Nintendo and Sony but nopes - they didn't have a stall at all.

So my brother and I tried our best to make good of our over-priced $18 entry fee. We tried many of the demos and realised you had to spend hours on it to get a real feel of the game (which was what many of the game freaks were doing - hogging the stations!)
My brother at the nVidia display (take note of the legs behind him)

We had a turn playing Gears of War - which was mind-blowing (literally) that was good fun. But what made for a good show was the cosplay competition. Its amazing what lengths some people will go through to imitate their video game and anime idols.

This entrant got a lot of cheers. Daaamn she was hot. She was trying to look like I-no. She did pretty well I reckon :P

I managed to get a photo with the Nvidia models. My brother who took the photo didn't even get their legs :( He has soo much to learn when taking photos.I didn't take this photo.. but I wished I did

Speaking of long legs. I spent my saturday evening in the company of men in anticipation of just that - long long legs My friends' workmate was having his buck/stag night and I was lucky enough to tag along.

Things don't get more manly than a curry dinner with lots of beer and talk of women.

I feel sorry for the toilets all across Perth because beer and the extremely hot vindaloo make for a fiery mix. Hold on to them noses :P
Dinner was fun and the company a blast. I didn't know the guys that well but they were really easy to get along with.

Sadly the night was ruined by a two hour wait for our main entertainment. The guys agreed that this was just a stunt by the establishment to make us buy more drinks.

Although this gave the stag more time to alcohol, it left many of tired and restless.We all left a little bit annoyed and frustrated.

Funny how quickly some things turn.


destny said...

hi i was jus readin ur blog n was wonderin where is thatlunch for jus $10.
i mean that is a bargin. plse reply

Will said...

hi dstny,

thanks for visiting! $10 All u can eat lunch is on Hay Street upstairs a convinient store - City Provisions.

Its close to retravision.