Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Step by Step Design Guide - The Perfect Home

We all want the perfect lifestyle, partner, car and most importantly the perfect home.

If only it was that easy…HA! I wish…

Well, I’m only a draftsman but having a creative and being visual minded, I hope to help you design the perfect house, one that suits your budget and lifestyle and all of life’s little expectancies :)

I thrive on the feeling of designing your own house, “bedrooms here, kitchen there, and toilet definitely not here” etc….. it’s a place where you spend most of your time, therefore I think it should be a personal place and well thought out.

A house should be unique and personal, it should let your guest, know who you are and a good sense of interior arrangements and design should achieve this. But before you can pick out tiles, paint colours, carpet, shelves and stuff, you have to have the rooms laid out and visually see what goes where. (but not everyone can do it, hence there are interior designers and architects)


The Entry is pretty important; a cramp, small, plain, bad colouring is a recipe for a bad Entry. You should always make your entrances spacious, inviting, well lit, not too ‘in your face” but interesting and a “feature” basically.

A feature light, will win eyes, a good choice and quality tiles will also do the trick. A nice painting or mirror on the wall will also catch your guest’s attention. However DON’T be afraid to spend and always go for quality…”first impressions count”
There is nothing worst then having dull lighting, chipped tiles caused from “average Joe’s tiling service” or a cheap looking painting on the wall. Please do not over crowd your Entry though, doing this will firstly make your room smaller, and importantly detract your guest from the focusing on one/two feature items that you spent a lot of dosh on.

Last tip, some of you may think that it should look like the rest of the house. Personally I don’t think it has too. It can have a different flooring material ie: tiles vs floor boards/carpet to the rest of the house. Even a different paint colour, but like I mention before it’s personally thing and I only can give advice…to have a successful entry you should keep it “simple but interesting”

Happy designing!!!


Will said...

thats reallly useful for me Flip, the thing about having a 'feature' when you walk into a house. venus de milo comes to mind when im designing my playboy mansion.

but sadly im so poor the closest thing id come to building my own house is a doghouse.

FLip said...

hey Will, think positively mate...1 day you will build a huge house and live happily ever after...hhhmmmm i want in on the Playboy Mansion..