Thursday, 7 December 2006


The Makahiya is a wild plant found all over Philippines and throughout south-east Asia. The plant is unique because it folds its leaves when touched. The direct english translation of Makahiya is shy or bashful.

Reminds me of a me a few while back. Shy and afraid.

Thats wrong actually.

I'm still shy. I still worry about what others opinion of me and I don't think I'm any more confident than before. It still takes me enormous 'Will' power to do something.

But when I recount the many opportunities I've lost because I was 'shy' or 'afraid' to do something, I get a big cold fish slap from my conscience.
Regret is an awesome motivator.


Nat said...

when i was young one of my favorite yet pathetic pastimes was tryin' to touch makahiya as gently as i could so it wouldn't close up. used to hold contests with my sister. hehe.

C said...

These were so fun to play with.
I wish I could find them here in North America - I just tell people about them.