Friday, 29 September 2006

Teething Problems

I think the talk of wisdom teeth extractions earlier last week induced a psycho-somatic response in me. The gums near my lower right molars just started throbbing with pain last week. Must be stress. This has been a pretty stressful month for me.

My brother had his wisdom teeth extracted a long time ago but I remember him looking like butt man for a week. I don't want to go through a horrible wisdom teeth operation.

But eventually I found myself booking a dental appointment. I haven't been to a dental clinic in what... five years? I was really nervous because every time Ive been to one, its been a painful experience.

I thought my luck would change.

I was greeted by a nice asian lady dentist. Pretty, petite and polite. She's a beautiful dentist with AMAZINGLY white smile. During the check up she reassured me that all will be fine and there shouldn't be any pain. True to her words, her delicate hands worked professionally to check my teeth.

Unfortunately that couldn’t be said for the dental assistant. The assistant is a middle aged lady with an eastern european accent. She looked like she was bored out of her wits in there.

The dentist was using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove harmful plaque on my teeth. The assistant was suppose to direct the aspirator to remove excess fluid build-up in my mouth. Instead what does she do?!? She positions the stainless steel tube on my lower gum and goes to lalala - day dream land. She was pressing on it quite hard and was probably unaware that she was digging through my gums.

IT HURT LIKE HELL! I could feel my toes curl and my body tense up as I cringed in pain! Its like getting a needle stuck to your gum, only that the needle is a 10 gauge freakin’ stainless steel tube that bluntly dig into your gum. I could feel the metal starting to rub through to the roots of my front teeth!

AAAAAARRRG! I was getting teary eyed from pain!

If the lady dentist hadn't nestled my head between her breasts as she examined my teeth, I would have jumped up and screamed in pain.


Talamasca said...




Wait until you get yourself some lovely lovely braces. Wait, are you getting some?

Anyhoo, the new design is appealing. But what's with the rubber ducky header? I don't get that. :-?

What the hell, it's been ages since I've been here! It's nice to be baaackkk! :-)

Will said...

nahh, braces are not in the agenda, just wisdom teeth extraction.

Rubber ducks? i dont' see rubber ducks. I only see indivuduals with one standing out of the crowd. :)

Thanks for visiting. I hope u don't mind i've blog linked ya.

Talamasca said...

Oh yeah. Didn't notice that lone duck. Hehe.

I will link you up too, kind sir. :-)