Friday, 29 September 2006

Malaysian Tucker

Short Talk:
The site template has been changed AGAIN! But its my site and I will change it as often as I want to! Go the mighty ducks eagles :)

Food Trip

I haven't posted anything gastronimic lately so I've decided to post some malaysian dishes I sampled during my last trip. Tell you the truth lah, food was really good lah. Althought the cutlery and service were not so good lah. Food was still good lah.Eating snails required mastery of a sucking technique. I swallowed a few whole shells, but that's expected of newbies.

For dessert, we headed down to this place. They served all sorts of shaved ice desserts.

Shaved ice topped with mango cubes and mango puree lah. This piece of heaven is called "Mango-loh" lah. Not sure if that is the right name lah. But it sounds right lah.


aurea said...

I like the new blog layout! Better than the last one :-)

Food looks really good. After reading some blogs by Malaysians, I've wondered if they really use "lah" so much when speaking, and what it means.

Will said...

thanks aurea! i got comments from my last page that my blog wasn't really 'me'

It took time but i finally found a template and then i added some changes that made it uniquely me.

And yes - i dunno where the 'lah' comes from. Try it though - its contagious!