Monday, 18 September 2006

Risking yourself

The conversation was supposed to be about motorcycles.

I strongly believe riding motorcycles is stupid - (sorry to Berts, Thuy, Mikael, Anil and those who ride bikes!)

Please don’t' get me wrong. I have much respect for a motorcycle's engineering brilliance (specially the self-inducting intake models.). They are fast vehicles that will get you from A to B in insane times. Plus you won't need to pay a king's ransom to get a vehicle that will accelerate you from zero to 100 km/hr in less than 4 seconds. They are Fast. Period.

I also have much respect for bike drivers. Balancing 200kgs or so at fast speeds is no easy feat. Heal-toe on a motorcycle requires so much coordination and seeing bikes drifting on two wheels is amazingly insane! You'll also need to be physically fit to withstand the harsh environment you drive in. I believe motorbike drivers are more skilled than those who sit behind a steering wheel.

But as a mode of daily travel? With zero protecting from other drivers? I've heard medical stories of people's brains being scooped out of helmets, heard of friends who's relative have died from motorcycle accidents and I have witnessed the death of a young couple on a motorcycle new year's eve last year.

My studies and profession include much about safety and risk assessment. What can go wrong? How severe are the potential detriment or adverse consequences? How likely are these undesirable consequences? Failure to address or recognise this can results in massive losses. A good gambler is able to take risks because they know if the negative does occur, its quite manageable.

Is losing someone a risk thats manageable?

Steve Irwin and Peter Brock are two popular Australian's who have died recently. Steve "crikey" Irwin known for his crocodile antics and Peter Brock V8 supercar racing legend. Their knowledge and expertise made them legends, but legends lose out sometimes.

I accept the risks that go along with this because they are my own doing
-motorcycle fan

And trust me, I don't mean to be a preacher. If you take the risk, you're prepared to pay the consequences. There's no tragedy there. But I say these things not because I enjoy sounding like a old-worry-pants-auntie who doesn't like to take risks. Its because I think some people get so involved in their 'own doing', they forget about the people care and stand beside them.

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