Monday, 11 September 2006


I've been very green the past few days.

  • Gave my green thumb a workout. Planted roll-on grass on our front yard.
  • Consumed too much of these green bottles last friday. I was kicked out ushered out of a restaurant because I was scaring the little kids.
  • Changed the car oil. Magnatec came in green platic containers.
  • Been having green thoughts. But this occurrence happens regularly. It can't be helped. Its a guy thing. *Note - Being green minded (i believe) is a filipino term for describing a perverted way of thinking. Thats why adult jokes are also called green jokes.
  • Green shirts were on the top of the clothes pile so I've been wearing green shirts.
  • Im still sick. Runny nose and sneezes. I don't think I need to explain green bodily fluids.
  • Been snacking on Krispy Kreme donuts. They're not green, but their green dotted white boxes have been messing with my mind and eating habits.
  • Old blog layout was too serious for me. I've decided to go green like this entry.
  • I've been labelled as having a green eyed monster complex. Jealous type? Moi? Hmm, don't think so. I'm very aware (sometimes maybe too aware) and very happy with what I have. But I know I can't have everything.
  • I've been attracted to green vegetables lately. Broccoli being my latest victims.

I didn't know why Im so into green. My favourite colour is green. My last bedroom had 'rainforest' green walls.

I did a little net crawling on the colour green.

Green is the chakra colour for the heart. As quoted from this website ..

When the green chakra is activated, the person has reached an emotionally deeper understanding of oneself and of others. This person's feeling can be hurt when an event makes them believe or worry that they are not living lovable beings. The green chakra lets the person understand that there is a living, fragile person inside who needs and deserves love. For the ones with perfectly activated green chakras, they also understand the same goes for others. They know that others are also living lovable beings. They are able to feel love, but also the pain when love is not there

Deep. Very deep.

But with the events that has happened to me lately, it all makes perfect sense. Im always proclaiming to be a self-educated psychologist. Im always trying to understand what those around me are feeling. I want them to feel better by sharing words of encouragement because I empathise with them.
And when things happen without my feelings in mind, I get hurt.

And when I get hurt, i get the blues.

And this from another site
Greens love to be appreciated for their uniqueness and creative talents. They
are delighted when others acknowledge their sensitivity and nurturing nature.
This is music to a Green’s ears. In fact, they have such a need to be liked and
appreciated that a Green will often do things for others at their own expense.
This benevolent behavior somehow justifies the inconvenience in the mind of a

Thats right. It irks me to be labelled like someone else. I enjoy being unique.
Im also uneasy when I'm not liked. And yes, I will go do somethings because a little work is better than having that annoying nagging thing in your head.

So my conclusion is, I'm perfectly in tune with my green self. Im as green as Shrek can be.
And true to Kermit's saying. Its not easy being green.

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bingskee said...

this is truly interesting...

i also love green but never heard of people classified as greens, blues, reds, but eneweiz.. as i have said, i love the green color but not so much for dresses.

they say that when one is stressed out, one has to stare at green colors to relax. heard of that?