Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Half a glass

She asked me if the glass is half empty or half full?
I said the glass is too big.
Hehehe. Old engineering joke. Can't be helped. Sorry :)

But what was revealed out of short dinner conversation was that I'm a pessimist.
A tendency to stress the negative or unfavourable or take the gloomiest possible view

To tell you the truth, I was shocked! That cant' be right. I've always declared myself to be an optimist. "Things will always work out for the better" I would say. Add the fact that its very unfashionable to be a pessimist. There's so much negativity associated with it. So I'm not in favour of being labelled as one.

But sitting there and really thinking about things thats happened and things that will be, I've come to realised that theres many things im pessimistic about. It can't be helped. I just can't see the point of going through something terribly difficult that has a low probability of working out. So let me save myself the trouble by avoiding the situation altogether.

I've already lost before it's even started

But in the next few days and weeks Im hoping for the best. I'll be confronted with things that will be difficult and things that will be incredibly hard, I can already feel it straining me like nothing I've ever felt. Im holding on knowing that I'll survive it.

I've never been so optimistic in my life

So if my life really is a glass, then the glass is really too big. I need to fill it up with trust, confidence and hope. Because theres still plenty of room in there.

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