Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Hong Kong MTR

I have to say, Hong Kong has one of the most user friendly railway transit systems in the world. The MTR is so user-friendly - even my parents found their way around (thats saying a lot!)
As a former employee of the company that brought the smart card technology to HK (Octopus card system) I felt kinda proud :) Only kinda - because the company is not doing so well atm...
All the lines are colour coded and the intercom lady speaks in both English and Chinese.
To get smiles out of the commuters, HK officials have installed machines that print out quotes that will 'make your day'. The quotes are soo silly they're bound to make you smile.

But the best part are the little shops located at the main train stations. They have snack shops, toys shops even clothing stores like Giordano.
Funny thing is you can't eat in the train stations. If you got caught, punishment is like 1000 years imprisonment.
I took this photo not knowing the little message says "no pictures please".
Ooops :)

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