Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Birthday babies

Its that time of the year again. The "ber" months.

That means the countdown for Christmas has started in the Philippines.
Christmas ham advertisements should be popping out soon :)

Comming back to this month, September, New Year's Day babies are celebrating their birthdays. I know a total of nine people celebrating their birthdays this month!


And don't get me started on the Valentines Day babies in November!
There will be a week in November where everyday somone close to me is having their birthday.

Geesh people.
Can't you be a bit more original on your 'celebrations'!

What I dont' understand is the birthday clump in April. Independence day babies?


aurea said...

Hahaha I am a "New Year's Day" baby too. My brother, who is one year older than I am, also has a birthday this month :-)

Nat said...

that's coz a lot of weddings are scheduled in june. most girls wanna be june brides :) that's why there's an april clump...

Cyberpunk said...

hmmm i didn't even know that there's an april bday clump... I'm an april baby but I rarely meet others who were also born in fact, i'm the only april baby at the office...

but maybe that's just in my little universe :D