Wednesday, 23 August 2006

The Test

The Sydney Morning Herald blog posted an interesting article about tests guys do to check up if the woman they are with is worth it. Here are a few of the tests.

Car Lock test (need a car with manual pull-up door locks)
When picking her lock up both the front doors of your car. Walk over to her and bring her over to the car. Unlock her door with your keys, let her in and close the door. Walk around the car and check if she reaches over and unlocks your door. If she doesn't open your door - drop her.

Waiter Test
Watch how she treats waiters or taxi drivers. If she's rude, she has issues.

Ex-partner Test
If she is twisted and bitter over her exes, there's a reason.

Smoker Test
If she smokes she pokes ?! Dunno what this means - but it sounds sexual

Vegetarian Test
Stay away from her if she only eats vegetables and drinks bottled water.

In turn, women have writen-in to share some of their tests to determine if the guy is good material. Some of the posts had cologne tests, shoe test, where-they-go-for-their-first-date test. I believe Cosmo and other girly magazines provide endless tests for girls to use on their boys.

Women even subject guys to tests that are impossible to pass. The Do i look fat in this? or
Which of my girlfriends would you go out with? tests.

Then there's the Paying of the bill test. Some girls insist it should be split even. A lot of women demand that HE should pay the bill. If he's not willing to fork out for her, he's not worth it. Some women even put the trap of offering to split the bill. If he says yes to this,
then he fails the test too!! Nasty!! Personally I prefer to alternate because its fair and it gives the opportunity of having another date :)

Do you do purposely test your partner?

I'd given someone a test before and they didn't pass. I felt stupid because the only thing it did was sour things up.

Deciding that a person is not worth your time because they wore the wrong cologne or
didn't open the door for you is harsh.
Everyone has values that they wish their partners also share. Testing them on a superficial level will not answer what you really want to know.


bing said...

one doesnt tests at all to see who's the right person..

Cyberpunk said...

the waiter (or maid, saleslady etc) test has some merit, since it shows how she acts when dealing with someone who is perceived to be of a lower actually shows a lot about her real attitude...

but the car lock test is just plain dumb...the girl might not notice that the other lock is still on or would just assume that it would be faster for the guy to unlock the door than for her to maneuver towards the other side of the vehicle, with the cramped space and steering wheel blocking her way...