Thursday, 6 July 2006

Supa Golf

I dunno about everybody else, but everytime somebody says "Golf" my mind goes into hybernation.

I'm an open minded person and I've tried many numerous times to enjoy this sport on television.

But the idea of a guy whacking a small white ball with dimples, then watching them walk to the ball, then putting the ball into a hole. It all just doesn't sound too exciting for me........ that is until they made SUPA GOLF!

Supa golf is basically golf with giant plastic balls. Giant balls means they don't catapult as far when whacked. And the use of plastic clubs mean its great fun for the whole family. Now you can swing like Happy Gilmore - just remember that its still kinda dangerous.
Each person is their own caddy armed with four supa golf clubs.
I think supa golf clubs are named after porn stars
Thi admires the size of her supa golf ball. Everyone gets their own coloured balls.

Like normal golf, the course is riddled with obstacles like trees, sandpits, water and slopes

With Supa golf you get an appreciation of the skill and mastery golfing professionals have. Whacking balls with all your might is also a great way of releasing stress.
Its a fun activity until you realise that the point of the game is to actually get the lowest score!

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