Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Five stages of grief

Life is not always a box chocolate. There are many bitter times that we wish didn't happen and but have to endure through.

I was reading a post by minishorts about what she did to try and win him back. The cold reality of heartache.

How influential that loss is to your life will paint a picture on much grieving you will have to go through to heal from it.

Something similar in my life happened recently. And it will take a long time for me heal from it.

"I do not want to hear about this. This is not happening"


"Come on! Give us a chance!!! There’s still a way to change your mind!"

"We tried so hard to get this far. How could it end like this? Why does it end this way?"

*sigh* "The Italians were the better team anyways.. They were a man down but they had more strikes at goal and were always dangerous. Its sad the way Aussies lost, but I think we all know the other guys were the better team."

Australia's World Cup dream ended with a dubious referee call with 20 seconds left in the game. I’m gutted. We all are.

I wanted to know when this pain would end. Somewhere in the net I found a nice acronym to help with the healing.

To accept the loss
Experience the pain
Adjust to the new environment
Reinvest in a new reality

I've reinvested myself to a new me. I’m still taking time to get used to it.
But Germany - you guys better win. $10 is riding on you.


Talamasca said...

Healing... A long process, indeed. I hope you get things straightened out.

You're rooting for Germany? They're sooo going down! Hehehehe! Kidding.

vina said...

hahaha, i thought you were being insightful or were just talking about australia's loss.

oooops, sorry to rub it in.

nah, i'm not really a fan of football, but i love australia, so i sympathize with you.

Will said...

hi Vina and talamasca!
yup Germany is SOOO going to win now! They already beat the favourite Argentina.

But there are several levels of grief. It could be as simple as losing a $5 bill, having to wash the dishes or it could also be as heart-wrenching as death of a family member or separation from a loved one. We have to endure them and realise that its not the end of the world.

There will always be another World Cup.

manel said...

haha i think that's cute :)

Roberto Acacio said...

Berts here

Will, how do you think I feel I made the trip all the way to Germany and was in such a high after going to the actual games especially Croatia Vs Australia. I was there ... and they fought so well as well.... but bloody Italian divers!!!!!!

Will said...

berts! u were there in germany when it all happened? *green with envY*

but yeah - we're all gutted on how this unfolded. italians will always be divers from now on!

buuurp said...


you really know how to hit the nerve.

galing. :)

tear. :(


Anonymous said...

I just found out yesterday that my husband was chesting. I have an 8 week old baby and I am struggling really hard to get throught this. I can't stop asking why? why? why? Why didi he have tp turn my life upside down. How do people get through this pain?