Thursday, 18 May 2006

Birthday Boi

Average sleeping time for the past two week is 1:30AM. The worst part is that none of those days involved the watching of hentai animes. I've just been caught up with soooo many things.

Im so far behind in Bleach and Honey to Clover. I haven't even finished Yakitake Japan! :(

But anyways back on topic. Its my birthday soon and some people have been asking what I want for my birthday. So here it is:

My Birthday Top 10 Wishlist.

10) 2x Packs of Jack n Jill Chocolate Pretzels. I just love them sticks coated in chocolate. Only available in manila I think. But I haven't checked the oriental stores yet.

9) One week to catch up on the potato lounging I used to do all the time.

8) Playsation 3 would be nice... or a copy of Final Fantasy XII

7) A plant for my office. Problem is that I dont' have any windows. So either
a non photosynthesising plant (plasticus variety) or a new window.

6) Something for mom and dad. Its actually them who've done the hard work all these years. It should be their celebration

5) Same as #10. So thats 4 packets total.

4) Someone to edit my skydive video coz I look so scared everyone is laughing at it

3) *insert her wish here*

2) Enrique Iglesias's new album that hasn't been released yet. Enrique is my idol (anyone who scores a girl like Anna K is a legend in my books). Plus he's half filipino - so im cool like Enrique by national-relation.

1) A date with my favourite person A plate of oily chinese noodles


bingskee said...

and all i can give is a virtual hug. many wishes for your birthday. hope you can at least have one he he


Will said...

virtual hug is still a hug. :)
thanks bingskee!!

sweetchic said...

really sorry u didnt get ur was i to know that this was the 1 asian restaurant that didnt serve noodles...
but hey, this was BEFORE ur bday...n wasnt ur bday soo much better??

Will said...


on my birthday i received 3 msgs saying i should eat long life noodles. i wanted noodles not because it would extend my life. i just wanted something oily and yummy!

but ive been having so many different bday celebrations people are starting to think its my bday everyday. but the best was certainly when i celebrated it with my favourite person.