Monday, 8 May 2006

Paint it Red

Jeff and I decided to waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon doing car stuff. While girls spend time having their nails and hair done, we dudes spend aftenoons painting car brake callipers.

The victim - Mazda3 SP23
The hardest part was getting the car to levitate. Luckily Jeff was psychic and could make things float on thin air.
Once the car was up, it was just a matter of covering everything we didn't want to turn red with newspaper.

On a technical note - this is not any ordinary car paint. This is high temperature calliper paint. Ordinary paint will just peal off with the conditions the brake callipers experience.
Jeffa doing F-1 support by putting the tyres back with a compressor.

With red callipers we have increased the car's performance by 20%. Nice.
Jeff and me doing the customary guys-behind-the-car-door pose


bing said...

What a nice car... Mazda models are very nice-looking.

ade said...

nice... I want a car... :(

So I can paint 'em calipers too.

Will said...

hi bing,

my cousin said mazda's are not that popular in manila. don't know why though :(

Will said...

hi ade,

thanks for dropping by - know that i still visit ur site - but my comments are not comming through. i think ur filter doesn't like mazda drivers :(

Berts said...

where was the embossed "BREMBO" part on the caliper?

Did you paint over it is that why I can't see it on the calipers maybe the trick of the lights :)

Will said...

Only a try-hard would emboss "brembo" on the calipers..

but then again only a try hard would paint their calipers red. hahaha :P