Monday, 29 May 2006

Dunsborough Fishing Trip - Bunker Bay

Around April every year, schools of Australian salmon gather around the coast of Dunsborough allowing them to be caught off the beach. Last year I organised a fishing trip to try and catch a few salmons and we did! Quan and Ed caught a salmon each. This year we wanted to try and beat the 2 salmon catch record.

It was time for the second annual Dunsborough Fishing Trip.

Dunsborough is a good 3-4 hour drive from Perth. We were going to stay there overnight so it was important that everything we needed was packed.
Like most of my fishing trips, our adventure started off with breakfast at maccas.
If I knew the Mandurah maccas was wi-fi enabled then I would have blogged from there.

We met up with my brother in Pinjarrah which completed our 4-men fishing posse.
Ben and Thuan. Ben gives the fishing trip the thumbs up.
Will and little bro Tris. Please excuse the bad fashion.

Our first stop was Bunker bay. This was the place where Quan landed a huge four kilogram-ish salmon last year.

There weren't many local fishermen at Bunker bay. Last year we couldn't even get a spot on the rocks. This was definitely a bad fishing sign.

We stayed there a while but didn't catch any fish. What we did catch was a freakish wave that sprayed my whole lower body with saltwater.
For the rest of the day I had to put up with squishy shoes and wet socks.


Talamasca said...

So you weren't able to catch some fish? How unfortunate. :-(

Thank God the beach was still there! Woo hoo! :-D

luwees said...

hi will.

sorry to hear that u weren't able to beat the 2 salmon catch record.

but the place looks lovely. i especially love the way the waves crash on the rocks.

u could always try next time. =)

Will said...


thanks for dropping by! Yes - plan on doing it again next year.

Hopefully we'll be luckier than this year.

Will said...


We wen't to another spot and caught fish there. I just haven't blogged it yet. SOmeone caught a shark! scary.