Sunday, 9 April 2006


"Feeling a bit of a breeze down there?"

It couldn't be helped! I was rushing because my KFC order should've been ready by then. Rather than waiting in the counter, I figured I had time to visit the men's room and do my business and wash my hands.

In my mad rush of doing up my fly, one of the teeth links fell off - disenganging the interlocking thingy jiggy and permanently leaving my fly open. Yikesss!!!
Thankfully I discovered it first!! So I untucked my shirt and was able to go about my day without anyone noticing. Little did the unsuspecting public know! Now I'm sharing this secret with the whole world- Bwuahahahaha. I'm such an exhibitionist (and sad-sack as well) :P

By the way, for those who don't know XYZ stands for "eXamine Your Zipper". Its a subtle way of telling someone that their zipper is open :)

Moral of the story:
1) Its never good to rush in the toilets - Have you guys seen Something About Mary? 'nuf said
2) Don't go to KFC - Place is full of ultra yummy and addictive chicken pieces that will clog your arteries
3) You get what you pay for - the jeans were dirt cheap
4) Never trust a guy with an un-tucked shirt and a smile on his face


ade said...

hm... i once had a gig, and my fly was open then. it was an exclusive school for girls.

i don't know if they still remember....

Daene said...

very funny story...and educational! although i can't relate. but the 4th moral cracked me up. =)

Will said...

hi daene,

nothing wrong with smiling! :)
just make sure its a sincere smile, not the creepy-stalker-pervert kind of smile :P

Will said...


hahahahaha. im sure they wouldn't forget a person who did a gig with their fly open. You'd be forever known as the 'fly' man hehehe.