Friday, 7 April 2006

Leederville Hotel

It was suppose to be a quiet night. A quiet, simple dinner to catch up on things.
The boys making fun of my Pug keychain

But thanks to two bottles of wine, the night turned out a lot more interesting than my pug keychain!
We had dinner at Siennas, drinks at Jeff's place, then headed to Leederville Hotel for some bump' n grind before crawling back to Jeff's for more 'after party' party. Phew - all this during a weeknight! hahaha (I felt like the stuff you flush down the toilet at work the next day).

We had an AWESOME time.
Walking back from the club, we met Dez in his new (but old) Porshe. Nice Dez!!!
And how could I forget this vixen?Hehehehe.
Is that my arm around her? I think she's still upset at me. hahaha :P

It was one of those nights that we didn't plan to have a good time, but ended up having the bestest time ever.


Will said...

Thanks to Sweetkittles for introducing me to Slide!

Actually she didn't introduce it to me. I kinda just copied it off her blog because it looked awesome :)

Talamasca said...

It seems that you're having the time of your life there! Nice photos! Hehehe...

ade said...

Wow! Great gimik!

Will said...

talamasca - we did have a great time. thankfully theres digi cams nowadays to capture our kalokohan

Will said...

thanks for visiting. great to see that ur site is up!