Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Brownie Points with My Muffins

A friend of mine has weekly dinner party that I attend. I went for a few weeks and felt guilty that I didn't contributing to the dinners. I pretty much just showed up and ate... then went home. So when given an opportunity, I volunteered to cook dessert. I told them I felt guilty for not contributing to the menu (but really I just wanted to show off and score brownie points with the ladies) hehehehe.

Big problem I encountered was that the recipe of the really yummy muffins I made two years ago has gone missing. So I had to find another recipe. I found one, but the dinner was the next day and I had no idea what this recipe tasted like!

So I hastily worked on the Rolo muffin recipe to make sure that I'm not going to be serving the ladies I'm trying to impress poison.
Now Rolo muffins are just ordinary choc muffins with Rolos inside. In case you didn't know what Rolos were, they are just little choc capsules filled with caramel
Nothing special with how you make it. Usual self-raising flour, butter, egg, milk, eye of newt, frogs legs and mandrake root kind of recipe.

Of course, I wouldn't be a guy if I didn't make a mess. So I purposely opened the sugar bag so that it spilt all over the counter. Which was good because the sugar that spilt filled half a cup - exactly what I needed! Waste not want not right?

One thing I didn't expect was the muffins to burst. All the caramel goodness flowed out so some of the muffins lost their caramelly filling :(You cant win them all
So after frosting them, they looked like these!
Viola - Rolo muffins ala Project Will!
It looked so good I had to stop people from taking it!!

Everything turned out great. Out of ten guests only a few had upset stomachs and only one needed to be hospitalised :)

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