Tuesday, 18 April 2006

This is me Then

Ever felt that you didn't quite fit in with the crowd?

I drew this self portrait of me a few years ago.
Thankfully I don't feel like this anymore.

I'm a possum now.


Berts said...

Hey Billy how you been. Cool Blog,site (whatever you crazy kids call it these days) been spending my time here at work just perusing your witty comments and interesting, to say the least photos. Say hi to everyone for me!

ade said...

funny man!

I also feel like an outsider. A racoon, to be exact.;)

lojix said...

you really did this cute thing? hahah! artistic..nice...ang cute talaga

buti na lang you're not into this picture anymore..

salamat sa pakikisenti

Will said...

berts - english boi!
when u commin back dude.

thanks for visiting my site. if i knew u were commin i would have posted the more 'extreme' photos.

hahaha kidding.. they already posted - u need to pay to access the site though.. :P

Will said...


hahaha racoon! i got possum from watching Ice Age 2.

why do u feel like a racoon? hahaha :P

Will said...


thanks for visiting - i was blog hopping and stumbled across ur site. ill be making more visits there kasi senti ako eh :)

michelle said...

if you're a possom, i'm a frog...