Sunday, 23 April 2006

My Ikea Drawers

I've finally decided to get a set of drawers to put all my personal stuff, art stuff, CDs and adult DVDs in. And for me, the best place to get furniture is in Ikea.
Inside Ikea you will find lots home related stuff. All items great and small
Its hard to walk out of the store without buying anything

I like Ikea because I think their products are neat, are of good quality and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. My brother and sister think otherwise. They think some of the items are cheap-nasty.

I thought this lamp looked like a cheap-nasty immitation :P

Furniture quality relies heavily on how it's built. Because you build pretty much everything you buy in Ikea - the quality of the final product is dictated by how well you assemble the pieces and how good you are with reading instructions with no words.
I swear there was something rude about the instructions. The smile on their faces was worrying
Viola! Finished product. Took me 2 hours to assemble this.

It feels good having completed the drawers. My room looks a lot more organised and 'special' interest items are no longer floating around everywhere.

But I think the best part of this whole exercise were the hotdogs from Ikea. Two for me, none for you :)


Berts said...

my only question is .."you mean 30K+ for that car and no cup holders" (bad boys) incase you were wondering what I was on about.Anyways yeah too to see Perth now and again through your pics Will. Be back there October sometime so keep it free for some serious partying. BTW guess what managed to get Australia Vs Japan, Aust VS Croatia and wait for it Australia VS Brazil for the world cup in Germany!!!

Will said...

:( dude - ur purposely torturing me with ur world cup antics.

during the aussie vs brazil game make sure u wear green and gold - that way ur supporting both side! hehehehe