Friday, 14 April 2006

My Huge Egg

Thank you to my friends Lisa & Alvin who gave me (its mine only!) an Easter egg this Easter holiday.

Its huge! It will probably take me more than 5 minutes to finish it :)

Its Good friday right now, so fasting and abstinence is the word.

No chocolate eggs for me yet

Of course its not the biggest egg out there. That goes to this egg.
Belgian chocolate maker Guylian has made this egg with 1950kgs of chocolate.

Obviously the bigger the egg, the bigger the chick (or rabbit?) that laid it right?. I got my penguin to incubate it. Hopefully it will hatch into choc chicks that can get me more choco eggs.

side note Can somebody tell me why rabbits are included in the whole Easter celebration thing? What has rabbits got to do with it? Is it because they multiply a lot - that means offspring and life?

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ade said...

that's some... huge... egg...