Sunday, 2 April 2006

The Room That Was

My room a month ago.
The mess was because we've just moved houses.

Living in room like this was stressful. Things I looked for I couldn't find, things I'm not looking for were scattered everywhere. My FHM magazine collection was nowhere to be found and this stressed me out big time. I think I developed a bald patch from the worry.

But what irritated me the most was the concrete floor. There were delays in the construction so we couldn't get carpet or wooden floors for several months. The concrete floor meant that it didn't matter how many million times I swept, licked or vacuumed the floor, it was forever dusty. This was the worst - the dust!

Every time I put on my dark trousers for work, it would skim the concrete floor and leave dusty marks near feet end of my pants. All my black trousers are now grey near the shoes.

Then there was the stuffy nose in the morning. Every time I slept, I would unconsciously inhale cement dust. No wonder I get pebbles every time I blow my stuffy nose!

But the most annoying part is that when I'm eating in my room and I accidentally drop the food on the floor. Even applying the 12-second rule (or the higher class 3-second rule) wouldn't help the dust coating my food. Barbeque chicken is just not the same with cement dust. Not the same.

If only cement was a little bit more salty.


ade said...

your room is cleaner than mine. honest.

Will said...

hahaha. your room must be crazy ade!

Talamasca said...

What a mess! I hope you get your room fixed. Goodluck. Hehe.

Toe said...

Finding Nemo and korean telenovelas? :) You're funny! :) Anyways, I'm in between apartments too and it's hell!

bing said...

ganun yata lahat ng lalaki sa room nila??

Will said...

i know the Finding nemo and the tele novelas make me look 'jologs' but i assure you - if i found my FHM magazines, it would be there in the picture! hehehe :P

thanks for visiting

Will said...


heheh not all guys have rooms like this. This was just temporary. its very clean and organised now :)

michelle said...

nemo is cool. nuff said. =)