Thursday, 30 March 2006

Hot Enough For Me

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think a vast majority of Filipinos are not into spicy food. Filipino dishes tend to be very savoury or very sweet. I do admit that there are a few sili (Chilli in Tagalog) addicts, but a good 80% of the Filipino community are not masochists.

On the other hand, my Asian friends here in Perth are what I call chilli-eating dragons. They put chilli on just about EVVEERRYTHING!! Chilli on their shrimps, on their chicken, on their rice. Chilli in their water, chilli on their eyes. Why!!!!!?!

Some say they do it to put a bit of excitement in their lives - but come on!! If I lie on my side and have my hand hold my head up - my hand and arm turns numb after a while. Does that make my life more exciting?!! Cos this is exactly what the chilli eating dragons are doing - numbing their tongues!! It’s absurd! They've numbed their mouth so much that they wouldn't be able to distinguish if they're eating mashed potatoes or charcoal. Hehehe.

Only reason why I eat chilli is so that I don't look wimpy. :P

Yesterday, my friend Mikael and I ate chinese noodles for lunch. The attendant asked "chilli?" Seeing a bunch of girls next to me, I exclaimed "yes! I CAN TAKE CHILLI!!" I AM A MAN AFTERALL!!! The attendant put a giant tick on our order. Dunno why she gave me an evil grin.

10 minutes later..

Sweating like a pig, runny nose, red eyes, white shirt with yellow sweat patch on the underarms. It was sooo hot I think I started hallucinating.
When I got back to my desk I spent the whole afternoon having a conversation with my stomach.

W: how you holding up?
S: *grumble*
W: not good ay?
S: *gurgle grumble*
W: Hmm. Yeah.. I think Jessica Alba is hot too.


Talamasca said...

I'm not into spicy stuff as well. I love my body and I'm a hygiene freak, thank you very much. Hehe. :-)

Will said...

this morning i couldn't taste what i was eating for breakfast coz my tongue felt like i burnt it the night before.

the night before i had chicken with lots of peri-peri sauce.

too much hot is definitely not good for the body

ade said...

I love spicy foods. I just make sure I have a steady supply of water and breath mints afterward.

But it's the darn battle with my stomach (just like yours) I dread.

ade said...

BTW, I think you should send this article to the Man Blog. They'll publish this one for sure. ;)

Will said...

hahah, ade, i don't think my article is worthy enough to be included in the Man Blog. :P i love their blogsite, Mike is a genius! But i think i'll need to include more tag words like "runny diarrhoea" and "chili farts" to be included in the Man Blog. hehehe :P

bing said...

i like a little chilli in dips. but i dont like it that much, too.