Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Dearest Chelsea

My dearest Chelsea,

A lot of things has been happening to me right now and this has meant that I haven't been able to spend much time with you.

It saddens me because I want to spend time with you, but I can't.

Chelsea, I need you to know that I still care about you.

I'll always treasure the times we've had. The times when we talked about everything (well.. I did most of the talking..). The times when we'd walk on the beach and watch the sunset. And we'll always have our special place in the park. I look forward to more happy memories with you in the future.

I'm still here for you my best friend.
I'm still here.




ade said...

you sure do care about your dog...

i can't blame you. she's adorable.

Talamasca said...

You almost had me fooled! Haha.

Cute dog, by the way... :-)

bing said...

very sweet letter to a man's best friend. she deserves it.

Will said...

thanks guys for visiting!

in front of my friends i call chelsea stupid dog - but deep down i love her 2 bits.