Thursday, 27 April 2006

Artsy Fartsy

T: You can't miss it! There's a giant pink box outside
W: Ooowww THAT giant pink box! (I wonder how I missed that!)

Thi was kind enough to invite me and friends to her art exhibition and I was thrilled at the thought at gandering at other art student's work because I've always been keen at art. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to fully express it. Who knows - I could be a 'Leonardo Da Vinci' and I didn't even know it!

Of course to be an artist, you have to be weird. Conforming to standards is not in their vocabulary.
Thi is pretty normal compared to me

Artists are always thinking outside the square so you can't help but be interested in the peculiar ways they they express their ideas and feelings.This reminded me of 'The Ring' for some reason

Below are my favourite exhibits. These workshop equipment were made with cardboard. The attention to detail was amazing - it even had cobwebs!

This was Thi's work of art. Nice ay?
Although it felt like I've seen this lamp before :P

Even in the toilets there was artwork

The student's work ranged from the practical..
A comfy cabinet to sit on!
To the downright bizarre!!
This image will haunt you for many nights

I guess everybody has their own tastes.
Great impressionists: Anh, Will, Thi, Vi and Tricia


Anonymous said...

excuse me Willy Boi, i dont tink u were "HOT" dat nite more like drunk!!!

Will said...

Thi, you know you WANT me!
so just give in 2 ur desires! bwahahaha :P

ade said...

You are right, that image will indeed haunt me for many nights.

Amazing stuff. And thank God I don't find you hot. That'd be a little too brokeback.

Vi said... still waiting for you to introduce me to your bro so that i can be a Mrs Rivera!!!! Oh, the power of a good name!! PS. I hope his HOT unlike his sibling...

Will said...

Your right Vi, my other brother is not hot. By im hot. hahahah :P

thanks for dropping by. ill see ya on Saturday. make sure we have party undies on!

hang.. on that sounds sus.. :P