Thursday, 16 March 2006

A Wedding Reception for Charles

Charles has finally done it. Married the girl of his dreams.

I've attached some photos of his wedding here, but I didn't want to blog about it too much. I don't really know the newly weds that well so I did not upload too many pictures. This has nothing to do with me stuffing up my camera settings and having 90% of the pictures blurred ookay!! Some ppl!!


Like most things associated with Charles - the wedding was classy and very elegant.
The Burswood Grand Ballroom held about 250 guests
The food was top notch! It was an eight course chinese menu which included lobster, sharkfin soup and chinese vegetables
After dinner it was the customary speeches, cake cutting and bridal waltz. Their song was "Finally found" - the duet by Ms Streisand and Mr Adams. This song and the Shania Twain song are used waaaaay to often in weddings. People should try other songs like "Nasty Girl" by Notorius B.I.G or "Dilemma" by Nelly and Kelly.

The DJ had this light-ball thing which looked cool - but was downright annoying!! Our table were being blinded by it!

What set Charles's wedding apart from other weddings is the exhibition ballroom dancers who performed for the whole reception party! There were 3 couples in total and they were all fantastic!!
This guy and girl are only 13 years of age. They are the Australian Young Ballroom dancer champions. They danced so well!, I couldnt keep my eyes off them. They danced so gracefully - it was like watching that Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere movie in real life.
It was very romantic.

In fact, after seeing the young couple dance, it inspired me to get married in May.



Sorry. Old filipino joke.

I couldn't help it.

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