Monday, 20 March 2006

Finding Nemo and Will

My nephew has turned 2!! And what better way to celebrate his coming of age by holding a Finding Nemo Party!!
And yes - we did find Nemo. Nemo was everywhere - cake, cups, napkins..
.. even the food was Nemo-ed
Having sushi at a "Nemo party" is like having bacon at a "Babe party"

Of course I felt kinda out of place. I should have been at home recovering from the night before, but it was a Nemo party so I couldn't resist. How many Nemo parties have you been to?
But of course, there were lots of kids. They screamed, they yelled,they made a mess, they ran around in circles. I kept telling myself that life is goood.. life is goood..
*breathe in.. breathe out... *
..I felt uneasy taking candid pics of kids while they were playing.... :P

The park lake had lots of seagulls. They didn't scream "mayte! mayte! mayte!" like in the movie though.

But there was no point slouching around the corner. Since I was already there, I was going to do my best to enjoy myself.
This is not a pic of me falling on my butt
This park ride compares people's weight. I'm 3kgs heavier than my younger bro. All muscles of course. Be careful when riding though.
Okay, fine. I admit it.

I had a great time at Matty's Nemo party. There was lots of yummy food and I haven't been on a playground in ages. I guess just like Matty, I'm still very much a kid at heart.


Shazkies said...

Should ask "how many nemos did you find?"

oh oh.. i know!!! there's 2 plus 1 in the sushi..

siwwy shazkies

Will said...

shazky.. are u okay?
hahaha u missing a few nemos yourself.

bingskee said...

u seem to have enjoyed the party.. that's better than having a kitkat.

Will said...

you know ur old when u feel out of place in a nemo party.

thankfully i fit right in! hehehe.
thanks for dropping by bingskee