Sunday, 12 March 2006

The Rose - Project Will edition

C: WILL what are you doing here!?! Its Valentines day!! You should be out with your girl!!?!
W: Its alright dude.. I've got it all sorted out.
C: Maaaan. If you mess this up we're so going to kill you
W: Dun worry. I've got a plan..

I'm posting here the details of how I made a rose for my special someone last Valentines day. I hope she's not reading this post... she might discover how much of a cheapskate I am! hahaha.

Im posting this to show that I'm not an all-party-and-drinking sort of person. Being pinoy means I'm very much still a hopeless romantic :P

Will's Valentines Master Plan Section 3: The Rose

The idea of making the rose came from a TV show called Prison Break. The main actor gave the lady doctor a paper rose for her birthday because she hated the flowers her dad usually gave. She hated how they rotted after a week.

Main ingredient - Coloured tissue paper and sticky tape
I folded the red and blue papers and cut out petal looking shapes. I chose red and blue because those are her favourite colours
For the stem I used a tin wire. I folded it and wrapped it in green electrical tape.
Now for the yellow bits inside the rose (is this called the stamen or the pistil? not sure). But I simply cut out some yellow paper and taped it to the stem.
Then it was a simple matter of taping the petals to the stem. You may want to make sure that you arrange each petal before you stick them or risk making your rose being flat-looking
For the sepals and leaves, I took strips of the electrical tape and folded it in half (so the sticky bits were stuck together). Then I simply cut them to shape
Stick the leaves in and then viola!! Done and done.
My finished product!

The materials didn't cost much and took me about 40 minutes to make. Not bad for something that will last close to forever.


Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal said...

Valentines? Is it tad too late ?`But oh well everyday can be a Valentines day especially when ur inlove

ade said...


hm... me and my GF's 15th month is coming soon. thanks for the tutorial!

Will said...

Hahah. thanks guys for visiting.

i didn't want to post up the rose during valentines coz she might discover it! :P

but yeah, valentines is everyday for me. :)

Talamasca said...

You're really somethin'! Hehehe. I guess the art fairy really paid you a visit to shower your system with creative prowess! :-)

Will said...

i love making stuff. mY job doesn't leave much space for me to be creative so i have to express it in other ways.


shazkies said...

Did u only make one rose will??? hehe.. 40minutes to accomplish ONE rose =P hehe.. oh well.. im sure she appreciated it seeing the sticky stuff all over your fingers


sweetchic said...

hahaha tats sooo sweet!!
its good ur teaching others to be romantic too!
n im sure she appreciated it :)