Monday, 27 March 2006

Goodbye At Last

I first saw you at the mall
Sitting there, looking pretty
You had lots of friends
but it was you that I saw
you that I wanted

I went to you
lifted you and carried you
There and then
I knew you were the one
the one for me.

Since then we've been like one
Together for a long time

Together through the toughest time
Played, danced and walk together
You were with me

You were my favourite

But time has changed you
Changed you so much
Now it hurts to be with you
Because you're so hollow now
So hollow

Goodbye my Sketchers
Goodbye my pair
You have been the one
You have been the one for me

- some words taken from Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt)


ade said...

kala ko naman emo mode ka. :P

Will said...

emo mode nga eh!
ma mmmiss ko na favourite shoes ko :(