Thursday, 23 March 2006

Cambridge Food Court

There was an evening when I really REALLY wanted something asiany and savory to eat (yes - asiany is a word - I made it up 2 seconds ago), but I really didn't want to spend much. I wanted cheap-tasty! MC recommended heading down to Cambridge Food Court for some authentic malaysian hawker food.

Now I was excited. When you say hawker food - first thing that comes to mind is fishballs and kwek-kwek. But because we're here in Australia, I thought of something similar to Newton Circus in Singapore. I must say, I was a bit disappointed. Cambridge food court looked exactly like all the other food courts I've been to.
Like all the other food courts, they have lots of mini restaurants to choose from.
Indian, Japanese, Western carvery, Singapore (?! chinese?) and Italian
We ordered from this place.
MC knew the owner and they were definitely very helpful and friendly.
And while we waited for our food to arrive, we sculled down mouthfuls of..
.. SOY MILK!! Coz that's what REAL MEN drink hehehe
We didn't have to wait for long before our food arrived
HO FUN!! Yummy!!
I forgot to mention that this food court was BYO!!
... next time I'll come fully loaded with beer and wine :P
Definitely happy with the place. Cheap and tasty - just like me. hahaha :P


ade said...

now you made me hungry.

Will said...

:P i was druelling whilst making this blog too!

thanks for dropping by ade.

michelle said...

why is everyone I bloghopped talking about food?

i'm hungry dammit.
oh well, i'm off for a midnight snack

shitty diet.
tc will.

Will said...

hi michelle! thanks for dropping by. i visited ur site and i was blown away. great stuff!

everyones talking about food coz food is gooood!! (im so poetic).
and i like food coz im a dude(?!!)
(hahaha w.shakespear eat ur heart out)