Monday, 6 February 2006

Zoom zoomy - 06 Mazda Cruise

What do all of these people have in common?
Thats right! Its a swingers club! hahah j/k Thats the other club im affiliated with *wink *wink :P
These are the members of the WA branch of the OzMazda Club. We're a bunch of Mazda drivers who spend lots of time in forums discussing important car matters like "how many kilometres do you get with your full tank?" and "which air freshener smells better - strawberry hills or minty forrest?" :)

These are our toys. Nice ay?
Hang on.. this ain't a Mazda! Traitor!!!
We'll let him join coz he's got some serious audio going on. Ala Fast n da Furious!
I nearly fainted when I heard the custom audio system above cost over $10k (P420k)! Thats a lot of mulla for 'doof doof'!!
After the group introductions we were finally off to York!

Our convoy consisted of seven Mazda3, one Mx-5 and the traitor Honda Euro Accord.
This Toyota Corolla driver tries to pose as a Mazda driver. Its so fake!

After an hour of driving around (and getting lost a bit.. ) we've finally made it to York!

Lets just say York was a blinding contrast to the bustling city of Perth. It did have its charming buildings though.

The only gas station in town only had one pump! Good thing none of us needed 98 octane

The town Mazda 2 was seriously bugged! It must have killed a thousand bugs just on the bonnet alone

Agent M and I checked out the town bus. We needed someone to yank our crank to get it movin`

Meeting place before we headed back to Perth was a nearby park.

All the asian drivers drove Titanium coloured Mazdas. Weird ay?

Bridge of Death! Actually it wasn't called that, but it was still scary.

Talking to the other Mazda drivers I knew we had only cars in our mind

We talked about car stuff. Mods and dyno runs and other car events. We were even analysing the other 'rides'

After the discussions, we were all off again!

Ahhh. Back to civilisation!

The forums were cluttered with posts and pics that night. Everyone had a great zoom zoomy drive :)


Tania said...

Where are the $1.20 photos plus the throw-in??

Will said...

All in good time my friend Tania!

(plus i need to save up for the $1.20 per pic fee ur charging.)