Thursday, 9 February 2006

A Special day in February

Last Monday was a special day in New Zealand. It was Waitangi Day. This coming Saturday is also a special day. It’s national Foundation Day in Japan. More importantly its poker night with the boys.

But next Tuesday, the 14th of Feb, is going to be an even more special day.

Its Spam day!
Thats right! Spam - the complete meal in a can! Its that time of the week when it’s my turn to cook and when I cook I go all out. Even Spam!

Check out my menu:
Entree - Turkish bread with Spam dip
Main - Spam steak with onion sauce served with potato spam salad
Dessert - Spam creme brule`

Of course this is served with a glass of 1992 Hormel Spamignon Blanc. It will definitely be a meal to remember!

But spam day is not the only day to look out for! There’s Movie day on Friday, Walk the dog Wednesdays, Spaghetti Thursdays and Sleep-in Sundays! So maaany things happening this month! :)

I guess what I’m trying to say is everyday is a special day! Not just birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. Or the upcoming Valentines Day.

Everyone is special – everyday!
Not just one or twice a year.
So lets do that.
Lets celebrate everyday.
Because I dunno about you, but I'm 'on special' all year round.

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ajay said...

Hi Will. Thanks for dropping by my blog. This post is just timely because am dying to try out the recipes in my THREE Spam cookbooks. Am a Spam lover too (never mind the nitrite:)

ajay of