Friday, 3 February 2006

Recycled Rose

I’m so proud of what my friend Charith did last saturday that I’m dedicating a whole blog entry just for him :P

You see, it was an uneventful saturday night at the usual nightclub. Charith and I were posing at the side of the dance floor where there's a ledge to rest your drinks. Out of nowhere stormed a chick talking on her phone. She looked and sounded upset. She threw something on the ledge and was gone in a second. What she threw sat on ledge but later rolled on to the sticky dance floor. Charith picked it up. It was a peach petalled long stem rose.

Charith and I were amazed at what we saw. The rose was in perfect condition! Why would anyone throw this away?! Maybe the mystery chick had a fight with the boyfriend who gave her the rose? I dunno what her issue was but throwing away such a flower was such a waste! Lucky for the rose that Charith had a sneakly plan hatched up already.

Charith walked up to a stranger in the club. She was a brunette with long hair. She looked spanish–europeanishy. She was surrounded by her nasty girlfriends (guy repellants). I was at Charith’s wing - where all good wingmen should be. Charith leaned over to her and declared,

..I think you’re absolutely stunning..

He hands over the rose, smiles and then we both walk away…
…. then we run and hide!


We were like kids hiding in embarrassment. We were laughing about it all night long. It was crazy.
The best part was that at the end of the night, we saw her leave the club with the rose in hand. We must have made her night because she was still blushing when we saw her again. What girl wouldn't have her head up in the clouds when a complete stranger compliments you and hands you a rose!
Charith even got her name before she left! Bonus!! :)

It was sweet. It was childish. It was embarrasing. It was romantic. It was a recycled rose!
I love it!


Tania said...

What a story to jump start my day with! Himarious. Funny Sau didn't breathe a word of this when I asked him how Saturday went. He must have been smashed as per his custom. See you soon Will!

Tania said...


Will said...

Himarious is a cool new word that you've just made up! hehehehe.

Sau was at the bar drinking with Ming. He did see Charith and me but he probably thought "those fools are up to no good again.." hehehe