Monday, 16 January 2006

Yummy Blog: Yip Kee Noodle Restaurant

Our friend Mikael was off to Indonesia with his girlfriend so we saw an oppurtunity for the boys to get together for dinner. After thoroughly considering our options (or maybe we just went for the closest restaurant to Mikaels' appartment) we ended up Yip Kee Noodle Restaurant in Malaga Maylands.
Finding the restaurant was as easy as reading with your eyes closed. Its on a main road but the road curves so you might miss it if you blink.

As you can see from the picture, the restaurant's outside is oozing with welcoming ambience (of the 'street' kind). It aint exactly a 5 star hotel, but the inside is surprisingly neat and tidy.

The menu was pretty much your standard chinese restaurant menu. It has everything that will satisfy both eastern and western tastes. Prices are average, ranging from $8 (P336) to $15 (P630) per dish.

The good thing about Yip Kee is that there's a bottleshop located just across the street. We were able to purchase a bottle of cab sav and riesling for our dinner.

The wait for our food was unusually long. I heard there's only one chef so this was expected. We spent the time discussing politics, economy and other important global events.

When our order finally arrived, the boys dug straight into it. They didn't even leave an oppurtunity for a clean shot!

Five minutes later...
All gone!!

The food was exceptionally yummy. Better than the 'billy' chinese restaurants in Northbridge! The guy (or woman.. or whatever..) in the kitchen is a genius! The food was soo good, even the empty plates weren't going to stop my friends!

Mmmmmm.. sauce...

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the company or maybe we were all just really hungry but all of us came out of Yip Kee quite pleased. Its crummy exterior hides the wonderfully delish meals offered inside.

Goodie: Food muchoes better than average chinese restaurant
Badie: Dodgy looking exterior. Slow coz the genius in the kitchen takes his time

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