Monday, 23 January 2006

BMW Perth Cup - Race Start

A great way to celebrate the new year public holiday in Perth is by rounding up your posse and heading off to the annual Perth Racing Cup at Ascot Racecourse.
After two hours of sleep from the previous night's partying, I was already out cruisin' with Jeff and Jarrad to Belmont Racecourse. This was where we parked the Will- mobile and caught a shuttle bus to Ascot Racecourse.
Arriving there, we were confronted by the $30 (P1260) gate entrance fee. I think its $200 (P8400) for unlimited food and drinks in the richer Tent land! Insane!!
The Perth Cup is all about the people, the fashion, the gambling - the craziness that IS horse racing.

Mr Ed and brothers were in the house

Jeff was really into the racing. He even saddled up with my belt!!
Did I mention that there were lots of people?!!!
Find Jarrad in the above pic!
We later met up with Thi and gang. I was suppose to teach them how to bet on the horses, but they ended teaching me instead! (Or maybe I was just playing dumb.. maybe...)
Thi, Kim, Anh and Sowat. These ladies won on their first bets!!
(But I was the bigger winner coz I got to hang with them :P)

A band rocked the stage near our chill out spot
Jeff and Charith
Charith, Jarrad and Dilini
Matt, Adrian and Charith
Look at the hottie in green!! We love this photo of Joe and Charith.
Kim, Anh and me
Sowat and Thi
Joe and I sharing a gay (happy) moment

I was still recovering from the raw sausages and alcohol from the previous night, so I stopped at two glasses of champers. I think each of the boys stopped at two aswell, two bottles that is.

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