Thursday, 12 January 2006

Hello 2006

The celebrations @ Phi & Thi's NYE started to get a lot more interesting after midnight.

My recollection of exact events still remains a blur. These photos are still a surprise to me. Is this really me? I'd deny it if i could. But unfortunately, pictures (and carpets) dont lie. :S

After the last sparkler had gone out, it was straight back to the bar for more..

..shrek drinks
Alvin looking pretty 'sunburnt' hehehehe
Jeff taking it easy. He's saving his party juice for the next day.

When your bartender looks this tipsy, you know its trouble
Thi also served purple drinks...... and brownish drinks amongst other stuff.
I provided the 'between rounds' dance entertainment
*..dont cha wish ya boyfriend was hot like me.. dont cha..*

It wasn't long before we've emptied the bar and couldn't drink anymore
I got a feeling that the monkey pictures on Phi's walls were staring at us

Alvin's resistance ain't wat it used to be. But while he slept..
.. Lisa played! hehehe

Foood break! Yummy, cold pizza!
Oh no... a smile like that could only mean trouble.

It must be because I spotted Ben's sexy outfit!! WooohooO!!!
Nice!! Hehehehe
Sau giddy on how good Ben's right breast feltl

Even the monkeys were laughing at us
Some one took a picture of Lina and me
GRRRrrrr. David & Victoria Beckham eat your heart out

Banzai...? Alrighty... who was it.. who was trying to undress me?!!

Pauline snugly comforts Lina

But Jeff's warning fell on deaf ears. I've had too much alcomahol.


Damn. What a way to start the new year. A drunken mess.

But it wasn't all bad. Hehehehe
Ching ching!! :P


Anonymous said...

Wow nice pictures !!!
Do You have asian Playboy fotos ?
If You have please answer ,

Will said...

umm. asian playboy fotos?

nopes sorry.

there's an asian playboy?