Thursday, 5 January 2006

New Year's Eve Aussie Barbeque

Aussies love to drink and aussies love barbeque. So I can't find any other reason why we shouldn't celebrate the end of year 2005 with lots of alcomahol and sausages.

Then somebody mentioned a picnic on the South Perth foreshore for New Year's eve dinner. Thats when I started worrying. Its gonna be cold and how da hell are we going to cook at night?

The answer... ?
TADA!!! Thuy's portable magic cooker/fryer thingyjiggy! The answer to all our cooking needs!

It was all smiles after that. Yes! We can have snaggers at this time at night!

The crew getting down and busy with them sausages.

Essential night picnic ingredients.. well.. apart from the toe.

We didn't hold back on the drinks either!
Arrack - Sri Lankan moonshine (one of many responsible for my messy demise very early into the new year)

The men's room was starting to look like a bar

SAU!! Don't drink whatever that scary man offers!!

We eventually had to leave for another party. But we definitely enjoyed the night.
Food was yummo (well.. most were yummo. Some of the sausages I couldn't digest too well.. more on that on later posts). There was drinks aplenty. The view was great....
and the company...
simply awesome! :) Happy new year guys!

Next stop... Thi's New Year's Eve Party