Friday, 6 January 2006

Jimmy Vs Paolo Vs Your Momma

Things that many filipinos have in common are their craving for sappy sentimental drama, adoration of Mandy Moore and love of acoustic music. Now I’m a big fan of acoustic music. Its simplicity and soothing flow is perfect soundtrack for unwinding after a hectic day. And I love how the songs are taken to another level when they are sang at their most raw and innocent form.

Being here in Australia means I have very limited exposure to OPM (Original Pilipino Music). The following is match up of those artists popular enough to grace my little world. If I'm missing out on other great artists, please let me know! :P

Nominees for Project Will’s Best Filipino Acoustic Act:

Jimmy Bondoc

I had the pleasure of watching this guy perform live when I visited Eastwood a couple of years back. He’s such a cool guy. He was taking song requests and did an acoustic rendition of Nelly’s Dilemma. It sounded awesome! So I was slightly disappointed when I got a hold of his self titled album. I was probably expecting too much. It lacked the spark and kilig factor that I got when I saw him. I do have a signed copy of his hit single “Let Me Be the One”. Its perfect for making you even more depressed after a break up :P

Paolo Santos

On my last Manila visit, my cousin showed me a photo in his wallet. “Pare, Si Paolo Santos yan!” Paolo who? My cousin explains he’s an acoustic genius he's been following gigs for. He’s pretty good ay? Curious, I purchased a copy of his debut album “Wave Sessions” on my next music store visit. I must say, I was slightly disappointed. There is no doubt that this dude can play some serious guitar! Unfortunately, the album songs I find too deep and darkish to my liking. I only enjoyed “Because of You” and “Can We Still Be Friends” (only because Mandy Moore covered this song aswell).


Make You Momma Proud is my most recent filipino acoustic discovery. All it took was one listening to their rendition of Eraserheads "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong ” (one of my favourite OPM) and I was hooked! Juris’s beautiful voice is perfectly complemented by Chin’s awesome guitar skills. Their albums are filled with beautiful renditions of timeless songs. Special mention to their hit single “A Little Bit”. I find it extremely cute when Juris sings “.. oh so true..” in her rendition of Kylie Minogue’s “Especially for You”.


Whats your favourite colour? Mine is green. Everyone’s different. So please don't hassle me for highly recommending MYMP. I know they sing too many cover songs, but they sound awesome. They are true to my definition of great acoustic artists. Yo mama is phat!

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