Monday, 2 January 2006

Yummy Blog: Greenwood Brasserie

I got a txt message from Agent L last friday asking if I wanted to eat out that night. Agent L really wanted to check out Greenwood Brasserie at Warwick road. Its been voted one of the best bar/grill restaurant in WA so I was eager to check it out as well.

Greenwood Brasserie had a friendly, warm feel to it. It felt more conservative than The Foundry down south. Its like a family bar/grill without the little critters running around.

Unfortunately, Agent L and I didn't make a booking! So we were put on a waiting list. They asked if we wanted drinks while we waited. What a silly thing to ask.

Lemon, lime & bitters and a midi of Kilkenny for $7 (P294)
After a 5 minute wait we were offered a table and the menu.

Fish or chicken main courses were priced around $22 (P924) with the steaks around $27 (P1134).

The strange thing about Greenwood Brasserie is that a waiter does not take your order. Instead, you walk up to a counter and place your order there. You just need to mention your table number. Its a strange system, but it does give the waiters a lot more freedom and there are probably less mistakes with the orders. But it kinda felt like mcdonalds waiting in line and ordering whilst looking at a giant menu. Can i have a value meal #5? :P hehehe

Five minutes later, soup and bread were on our table.

It didn't take very long to down the Sweet potato and bacon soup. It was another five to ten minutes before they brought out our main orders.

MEAAT!! hehehe. The house specialty - Greenwood Grill & Thrill

Fried Barrumandi. Bit messy on the serving ay?

Im not a steak man, but I thoroughly enjoyed my grill & thrill. The steak melted in my mouth with the creamy prawn sauce as perfect complement. I did taste the fish, nothing special if you ask me.

We enjoyed our dinner while a trio played soft music at back. They sang songs like Girl from Ipanema, Hotel California and the song that The Corrs remade (one with 'thunders when raining.. and playa's playing'). Apart from Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, they also covered songs by Everything but the Girl and Shakira.

The food serving was generous so I did find it a stuggle to finish the steak and chips (maybe i shouldn't have had the soup!). But it was definitely strange finishing a meal without having to wait for a bill. We pretty much finished our dinner, chilled for a bit, then walked out. Pre-paid meals will take some time to get used to.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the Greenwood. Pricing was okay, food presentation could do with a bit more effort, but the atmosphere was terrific, steak was yummilicious and staff were friendly. A great laid-back dinner on a friday night.

Score: 6.5x better than maggi noodles with egg

Scoring breakdown :
1x - Stay at home and have maggi noodles with egg (worst)
10x - Food for the gods (best)

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