Sunday, 8 January 2006

Bye Bye 2005

We had the pleasure of being invited to Phi & Thi's New Year Eve house party. We were uncertain on what to expect because we hardly knew the people. Luckily, we quickly found familiar territory.

Or so we thought! It looked like beer but was in fact Red Bull. We needed to plonk a shot of this stuff..
like so..
and then we needed to scull quickly. Thats some welcome drink!

A pic of me with our lovely host, Thi. I get a thumbs up for sculling successfully

It seemed to me that the alcohol in the bar was going to expire at the end of 2005 because Thi was mixing a lot of drinks (what an understatement!) and was urging us to drink it quickly.

Thi selecting from a plethora of alcoholic poison
It wasn't very long before we found this mixture in our hands.
A berry exciting drink.. Its exciting in that we don't know what went in it.
The guys refused to drink unless Thi had some too
Berry fashionable guys

Tricia and crew were there

Sau and I met Lina outside.
Im looking pretty happy here ay? :P

Before we knew it, it was minutes before 2006! There was a rush to get the sparklers out.
and then.. it was..


Our last photo for 2005 was definitely the cheesiest ever! It reminded me of a taiwanese tv show

Us boys promise will try to be good this year. Wish us luck.

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