Tuesday, 24 January 2006

BMW Perth Cup - Race End

By around 3PM everyone in Ascot has had their fair share of champagne. The formalities and elegance of the racing cup had faded away and the place has turned into one big afternoon party.
Jeff and I abandoned the chill-out spot and headed out for a stroll (PW). We discovered a nice spot next to Tentland.
Tentland citizens got unlimited food and drinks, but had to fork out $200 (P8400) each! Hanging next to the fence was a great idea because there was shade and we were able to scam free Tentland music!

Jeff and I enjoyed the view from the fence.
Sorry Jeff, I messed up the above photo. Lemme fix it..!
Much better!! Daamn! Those legs are really long!!

We were spotted by this beautiful group of people
GRrrrrrr. Foxy ladies!!
Jarrad finally discovered why we've been gone for so long

Spot the difference
There are 5 things that are different in the next two photos - can you spot them all?

Hanging out with Mariza, Vi and gang put time on fast forward
Before we knew it - the final race had finished! I didn't even get to check if my horse won!
I think this guy was the winner of Race 8 - the big Perth Cup race.

After the last race most people headed back home.
We stayed and continued our little fence party!
Some had no choice but to stay..

Speaking of winners, this guy was definitely a big winner! :P
Mr Random and Vi
Jeff and Charith with some tongue action
"Save a horse - ride a cowboy"

Like all good things in life, our little fence party eventually came to an end.
A fight in Tentland forced everybody out
Bye bye Ascot

The line for the shuttle back was heaaaaps long! We lined up for about an hour.
Luckily, we were entertained by "Bananaman" while waiting in line
Jarrad gives "Bananaman" a thumbs up for his cheeky performance
It was around 8pm when we finally returned to Belmont.

We were all dead-tired by the end of the day, but we certainly had an awesome time.
We all can't wait for next year's cup.

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