Friday, 30 December 2005

Jeffs Party - Lets Get It Started

This post was taken from my older blog site.

17 December 2005 saw an awesome party at this place!

The occassion? Jeff's 25th Birthday bash!!

Like all great parties, there was food..


and lots of party people!
Anne, Teeh and Esta

Japanese pose from Sau

Plenty of Shrek drinks going around

Vi and Liam enjoying a few drinnks

Big Mike kept the Shrek drinks commin`

Another Japanese pose from Sau

Jeff has always wanted to smell like David Beckham's socks

Kissing Toan will turn him back into a frog

Ya alright there Jeff?! :P

Meat was running scarce. Jeff had to make sure Toby was alright


News of fried rice caused a panic rush

Hold on Sau! Let the man have his fried rice!

These two haven't had fried rice before..

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